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Are you someone who has been impacted by medical debt? Do you know someone who is? Many people are navigating medical debt and how it is affecting their lives, including credit score impact and overall financial wellness. You don't have to navigate it alone. Check out this special edition for important information and reach out to us today for support.

Medical Debt Special Edition (2)
Download PDF • 2.84MB

  • Writer's pictureRenee McElroy

“Advertised Prices aren’t always what they seem, so how can you get the “real deal?”

Check out this month's Your Money Guide created with you in mind to help you spot and beat those hidden fees.

Your Money Guide February2023
Download PDF • 3.37MB

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  • Writer's pictureRenee McElroy

The holiday season is here. Before you begin shopping or the anxiety gets too high about how to stay on a budget or dread the financial impact of holiday spending in the new year, check out this month's Your Money Guide created with you in mind.

Download PDF • 5.50MB

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